Obtaining Legal Representation Before Maryland Board of Nursing Is Critical!

Sometimes, an employer’s adverse action against a worker has consequences beyond the employer/employee relationship — consequences that can impact one’s profession. For example, we regularly defend nurses before the Maryland Board of Nursing (“MBON”) concerning alleged violations. When a nurse has been counseled or discharged by the employer for a work infraction, the conduct may be reported to MBON. MBON, then, often seeks to investigate the alleged impropriety and can subsequently take action, including suspending or revoking the nurse’s license. This process is slow, taxing, and often stressful since the outcome of the investigation and the impact on the nurse’s license is uncertain. We are often called on to assist navigating through this arduous journey because the nurse realizes the potentially serious outcome. Action against a nurse’s license can severely hamper one’s ability to practice, so it is imperative that you get all the help you can in order to prevail. MBON does a good job advising nurses of their right to counsel, but not everyone heeds their advice, thereby compromising their ability to defend themselves. Make sure you follow MBON’s advice — don’t go it alone — hire us to help you.

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