Maryland Unemployment Appeals — Don’t Wait To Get A Lawyer!

The biggest problem that I encounter when potential clients contact me about providing legal advice relating to an unemployment appeal is that people wait too long to contact an attorney. Instead of calling an attorney, such as myself, to assist them when they are initially denied unemployment benefits, or when their employer appeals their award of unemployment benefits, they try to handle the appeal by themselves. Then they lose the appeal. Then they contact me and ask for my help. The problem is that once you have lost an unemployment appeal, it is extremely difficult to get that decision reversed. The reason is because the Unemployment Appeals Board does not usually allow claimants to present new evidence or witnesses. Thus, if you did not present the evidence at the first appeal, you are stuck with the facts that you presented. Which is not good if you lost the appeal. So, the lesson is simple — don’t wait to contact an attorney, whether me or a different attorney!

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